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Indoor League Rules


Indoor Game Rules

  1. The indoor game should help develop skills and is therefore, for the most part, a minimal contact sport.  No slide tackling will be allowed.  In the interest of safety, players must wear shinguards and appropriate indoor footwear at all times.
  2. To keep the game flowing all walls are part of the playing area.
  3. The goalkeepers can not leave the penalty area.   If the keeper leaves the penalty area an indirect kick will be awarded from where the keeper stepped out of the penalty area.
  4. When the keeper releases the ball it must bounce before it reaches the half-court line.  Failure to do so will result in an indirect free kick from the half-court line.
  5. The keeper can not punt the ball.
  6. All players are allowed in the penalty area, but only the keepers may use their hands.
  7. Indirects will be awarded if the ball hits the ceiling structure, goes out of play, obstruction, etc..
  8. Handballs or fouls will result in a direct free kick.
  9. Substitutions can be made by both teams at any time.
  10. Each team will field 6 players on the court plus one goalkeeper.

Indoor Operating Rules

  1. Each game is 20 minutes, two 10-minute halves. There will just enough time between the halves to switch ends of the court.
  2. Teams are requested to arrive and check in 15 minutes prior to scheduled playing times.
  3. No one, other than the players and referee, are allowed onto the playing area during the games.  If a player is injured, the referee will allow the respective coach to attend the player immediately.
  4. Coaches must supervise their players at all times, especially between games.
  5. League standings and results will be available at this web site and at the game desk.
  6. The top four teams in a league will be in a playoff. In divisions of 5 teams or less here will be no play-offs and trophies will be awarded to the league winners and runner up.
  7. Ties in the standings will be determined as follows:
  8. 1st tiebreaker: amount of wins, head-to-head
  9. 2nd tiebreaker: goal differential in the games between the two teams
  10. 3rd tiebreaker: most goals scored in the games between the two teams
  11. Should the wins/scores/goals between the two teams be identical the winner will be the team with the best head to head record against the next highest placed team (or highest placed team if play-off positions are being determined)
  12. Awards (trophies or other) will be awarded to the top three teams in each division.
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