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Week 2 Review

Week 2 Review



Germany and Rangers got week two underway and a close game ended in a tie with both teams unable to find a winner, 0-0 the final score.
Byron Arajo and Rank Algieri scored for Germany in their second against Roma game but Jhordan Moreira’s late equalizer, his second of the game, meant the points were again shared in the 2-2 tie.
Rangers and Lazio made it three ties in a row as their game ended 1-1. Grant Kurland scored for Rangere in the second half but Alex Gizzi tied it up for Lazio.
Logan Bloom scored twice for Roma as they beat the Southdown Flyers 6-0 in their second game. The Flyers improved against the Crushers but went down 3-1, Chris Prainito scored twice and Cooper Brandt once.
Lazio and the Destroyers played an entertaining game that ended in a 4-2 victory for the Destroyers. Colby Curran and Chase Gottesman were on target for Lazio but goals by Owen Lakhani, Noah Iaboni, Brett Sullivan and Jesse Giovacco gave the Destroyers their first win of the season.
Ajax won both of their games to make it 4 out of 4 for the season so far. Carter Veitch and James Vohs were on target twice in the 6-0 victory over the Destroyers and Carter added two more in the 3-0 win over the Crushers.


Elwood got their season started with a 6-0 win over Poland. Thomas Giramonti and David McCalla both scoring twice.
Poland kept it close in the first half against Wolves but five second half goals made the final 6-0 in Wolves favor, Evan DiSimone top scored with two for Wolves.
Valencia and Elwood played an end to end game and with two goals by Dylan Gugin giving Valencia a 2-0 lead. Thomas Giramonti pulled one back for Elwood but Valencia held on for the 2-1 win.
Alex LaSpina and Devon Brandt were on target as Atletico got their first win of the season 2-0 over Wolves.
Atletico then led against Valencia thanks to a first half goal by Nick Kump. Valencia’s Dylan Gugin tied it up midway through the second half then scored a late winner to make it four out of four for Valencia, 2-1 the final score.


David Lazaro scored twice for Spurs as they beat Benfica 2-1 in the opening game of the BU11/12 division. David was on the score sheet again as he finished off a nice move to give Spurs a 1-0 half time lead over Arsenal. Arsenal hit back in the second half with Ryan DeWitt and Patrick Soulias both scoring twice to give Arsenal a 4-1 win.
Lennon Harrington hit a hat trick as Chelsea beat Benfica 4-1, he followed that with four goals in Chelsea’s next game as they beat the Hbc Ambush 5-1 to go top of the table.
The Ambush and Arsenal shared the points in a close game that ended 2-2. Two goals by Ryan DeWitt gave Arsenal a 2-1 half time lead after Liam Lennon had open the scoring for the Ambush. The Ambush pressed in the second half and and Harrison Krywak got the equalizing goal which proved to be the last of the game.


Chaos edged a close game with the Green Machine in the opening BU13/14 game. Two goals by Danya Dangiger and one by Emmy Forbes gave them a 3-2 victory, Kevin Mascia and Trevor Hubbard were the scorers for Green Machine.
Chaos followed up with a 4-1 win over the Outlaws Green to make it four wins out of four and Green Machine recovered to win their second game 4-0 over the Outlaws White, Trevor Hubbard with a hat trick in that game.
The Uniondale Vikingos won both of their week two games. Douglas Barrera and Adrian Astudillo scored the goals that beat the Outlaws Green 2-0 then Alan Calderon, Justin Mendez and Douglas Barrera scored in the 3-1 victory over the South Huntington Sharpshooters.
Finley also went two for two with wins over the Outlaws White and the Sharpshooters. Arnold Alfaro scored twice and Alex Martinez three times in the 6-0 triumph over the Outlaws and both boys were on target again in the 5-2 win over the Sharpshooters. Alex Fascilla, Brendan Abedin and Jack Krisch also scored with Chris O’Connor and Jonathan Solar replying for the Sharpshooters.


Elizabeth Starin scored four times for the Northport Spirit in their opening game against the Tiger Lily’s, Mia Freire also scored twice for the Spirit in their 6-2 win. Grave Moyka was on target twice for the Lily’s.
Elizabeth and Mia were again on the score sheet as the Spirit beat the Blue Devils 2-1. Jessie Grover pulled one back for the Devils but they couldn’t find an equalizer and the Spirit held on to go two for two.
Emily Cheshire and Beanna Cumella scored for the Shooting Stars as they beat the Tiger Lily’s 2-1 in a close game, Grace Moyka was on target again for the Lily’s.
Emily Cheshire then scored the only goal of the game as the Shooting Stars beat the Blue Devils 1-0 in the final game of the day.


The United had a good night coming out on top in two close game in the BU16 division. Goals by Gabe Quesquen, Alex Martino and Will Friedman gave them a 3-1 victory over the Sting Green. An even closer game saw United come from behind against Sting White to win 4-3.
Chris Wright was on target twice for Sting White and Erin Ayden once but two late goals by United turned the game around and got them the points. Tom Jackson scored twice and Gabe Quesquen and Dante Polsinelli once.
H Footy had a convincing win over the Sting Green, Jordan Robinson and Carlos Godoy each scored twice in the 5-1 victory.
The Sting White looked like they were on their way to victory over United after two goals by Chris Wright and one by Erin Ayden gave them a 3-2 lead. United’s pressure paid off though with two late goals as they won 4-3, Tom Jackson scored twice and Gabe Quesquen and Dante Polsinelli once.
H Footy then took a two goal lead against CSH Falcons thanks to goals by Jordan Robinson and Ronan Carroll. The Falcons staged a second half comeback and goals by Jason Castellano and Thomas Mallia made the final score 2-2.
Another close game followed with the Sting White and the Falcons. Chris Wright gave Sting the lead but Eddie Daubel tied it up for the Falcons before half time. The second half was end to end with both teams pushing everyone forward in search of a winner. The Falcons thought they had it when Thomas Mallia’s deflected shot found the net but an unfortunate own goal brought the scores level. With thirty seconds to go Eddie Daubel reacted first in the box to give the Falcons a 3-2 victory!

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